Frequently Asked Questions

Can I stop by the lab to get my film developed in person?
If you live around Austin you can schedule an appointment.

What is The Film Hound?
TFH is an archival service that includes the organizing, cutting, sleeving, and storage of your 135, 120, and 220 film negatives. Prices start at $3 a roll. You can find more information here:

Do you offer student discounts?
Place an order using your .EDU email address and you will be refunded 15% on 35mm C41/Disposable/APS film services.  No discounts are applied to 120/220 film or black & white film.

How do I ship my film to you?
PayPal offers deeply discounted shipping rates with USPS First Class available here.

What is your turnaround time once my film arrives?
0-3 days 35mm color. 1-7 business days everything else.

My photos contain mature subject matters, is that okay?
Here at LVFL we do not discriminate against anybody’s artwork.

How are my photos printed?
They are printed on a DNP DS40 continuous tone printer at 600dpi.

What equipment is used to develop my film?
color film is developed using a Noritsu QSF-T15F. 120/220 color film is developed using a Noritsu QSF-V30. Black & White film is developed using Kodak chemicals.

How is my film scanned?
35mm film is scanned using a Noritsu LS-600. 120/220 film is scanned on a Noritsu S3. 

Can you process E-6 or ECN-2?
Contact me for more information.

Can you scan already developed film?
Sure, click here!